Little Things


On mornings like these

when trees sway

and give way

to chirping birds

as herds

of ants

scatter across grass

glimmering in

morning dew

I realize

that maybe

( just maybe )

these little things

are enough

That little

is only as little

as we allow it to be

And I’m learning to be okay with that

©  Hudson Biko

Photograph: Tanja Heffner

Hey there! Thank you for reading that. 😊 I’m currently away for a little bit so I may not be able to respond to your comments or messages but I look forward to reading them when I get back!



10 thoughts on “Little Things”

  1. Bravo Biko, one of the minority, who cares for little moments! I care a lot. A simple smile or a random touch, can stay forever in your mind!

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