nightfall settles

into crevices

of blue




bleed. into

backdrops of

lightbulbs and

fleeting existence

  • how many times do we stay when we don’t need to? 

© Hudson Biko

Photograph by  The How Photographer

7 thoughts on “Solitary”

  1. very creative,rousing emotional….perfect writing….I can´t speak against this sad feelings, because its your feeling, and I will respect!….but at least the fleeting existence we do not need, and really do not have to stay many times…it´s time to stay together!

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  2. A really well crafted verse, I felt a bit of solitary confinement here ?? Hope you’re travelling ok. By the way have you read any of Ryan Stones poems, “Days 0f Stone” should fine his site, an absolutely stunning writer….

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    1. Thank you Ivor. At the time, I was really thinking about the absence of permanence. Thank you for asking, I’m doing well. In regards to Ryan Stone, I haven’t read any of his poems but thank you for letting me know, I’ll make sure I find his work.


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