moving on


if moving on really is acceptance

my heart shouldn’t

still feel this


( should it? )


© Hudson Biko

Photograph by Jake Thacker 

11 thoughts on “moving on”

      1. ohh, yes it depends surely of what you are speaking. Your words are exellent chosen. If the arrival is end of life/death, than it will stay abstract in freedom, peace and light with god.

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    1. I try a individuell interpretation. My heart still is heavy and full of pain, because I can not accept, although I want to and said I will. To accept big things in life, like letting go, like starting a new life without knowing how it will be is hard. But the most important is to stop heartpain. Lover‘s grief is an illness and must heal.There is no way to go on with it or to live with it.


    2. If you mean that heavy piece, which travels with you:
      May be it stays, but may be it will become lighter aswell?
      Your acceptance allowed you to move on. Moving on means changings. And changings can also mean getting somthing that makes this part of your heart less important. And even if it stays forever you moved on that means you learned and you will be able to live better with it?

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