i think too often

about realities

i’ve created in

a mind that’s

trying to escape

its own


© Hudson Biko

Photograph: Nick Karvounis

13 thoughts on “overthinking”

      1. your mind might want to escape, maybe often, because our world is so complexe, fast and sick, that our mind is overloaded. Most people do not think anymore, because of exacly this…mind want to escape.
        BUT the difference is. As there are not so many positiv and nice thoughts left, dreams and sweet fantasy, you ever should go for this first. Have a look if there is arealistic chance to make it real. This is also something you can do for the world, make yourself happy( and others)….if everybody could do this, the world would be o.k.!

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      2. I try to stay positive Biko, but I´m not always. I feel a very nice approach to your poesie. Like I want to think positively when I read them. This is not very common, because most of the posts that deal with problems that affect me demotivate me rather and make me even sadder.
        I realize that the odds of grabbing and holding on to happiness are often very small, but hope remains. But only to live with the hope of getting sick in the long run, the positivity often leaves and then the insight that it works only when all parties pull on the same rope confronts. Trust, overcoming fear, opening and dropping.

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