they speak of days

that roll into

those that


and sometimes when those

days feel


like days

and more like

life. then it

feels as though I’m

doing something right.

i don’t know why. but

lately. for me. they

have felt more like


patterns. drawn at sunrise.

played out by

sunset. began

again. passing through.

and yet. I am

well. I have

life. the


have turned

and there is

more to come. I

don’t know how

long it will

take. but i will find sunrise.


hopefully. within

myself this time.


© Hudson Biko

Photograph by Michał Grosicki


9 thoughts on “days”

  1. beautiful. Time is a strange thing anyway. The days in their recurring routines can be reassuring on the one hand, but also depressing on the other hand … always on the lookout and hoping for fulfillment, for the sunrise!

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      1. Hmmm, this sounds logical. As long as you do not stay on the other hand long time, it is surely good for understanding yourself, but perhaps also to understand other people, which are in your mind.

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