A Rush of Green (with Nandita)

Had the pleasure of doing another collaboration with the exceptional Nandita. Her majestic verse was absolute magic to write off.

when twilight shines
and pins it with a star.
when the cuckoo sings,
and the mountains stand tall,
when the birds chirp and
she looks at me
with the depth of an ocean,
when her lips tremble and
her eyes reveal all
that she wants
to kiss me as if
there is no morrow…

the cesspools of sorrow
at the seams
of translucent dreams.
as constellations of green
caught in the peal
of the iris
rush in beams
as quick
as the flow of seas
began by the gentle breeze
seized in serene of their peel

© Hudson Biko and Nandita Manan Yata. 2018.

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