the world has a way.

of giving you. the things.

you are sure. you want.

to let you know. there is


something else.

© Hudson Biko

Photograph by Thought Catalog

2 thoughts on “satisfied”

  1. Reblogged this on BLUE HYDRANGEAS and commented:
    This clever piece by Hudson Biko reminds me that we are prone to the never ending pursuit of things, places, experiences and even people. We are collectors, always on the hunt. Our desire for seeking the next thing is stoked as the world gives us what we are sure we want, only to discover that we want even more.

    Is living SATISFIED a stage of life, a state of mind prompted by experiences, or a statement of personal faith in God’s enoughness? Whatever the reason, living SATISFIED grants great freedom from perpetual pursuit. It is not a lack of motivation or ambition, it is not even acceptance of reality, it is something more. Living SATISFIED allows the smallest, simplist, even the mundane things in everyday life to be experienced with awe, wonder and great joy.

    Today I am grateful for being SATISFIED!

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