To Be

You are

Exactly where you are meant to be,

Exactly when you need to be.












calling it nostalgia.

© H. Biko


Cobbler Musing


I took a pair of shoes to the cobbler today. Only one was actually being fixed. The other was more or less a point of reference. A point of understanding how I wanted the tattered one to look.

Soon after the cobbler began fixing mine, a young boy came in with his own shoe. With exactly the same problem I had. At this point I began looking around the cobbler’s stall, looking to find other similarities. And I soon realized that it was surrounded by a myriad of other shoes, each differing in their purpose and construction but most times only one of a pair.

Even though the pairs took the same path, one was often the one that was spoiled, deconstructed.

But in its own way, this represents our own path.

It represents how facets of our lives can be congruently held together whilst being torn apart.

It represents the parallelism of experiences across same paths.

It represents how irrespective of its construction, everything has a capacity to fall apart.

But it also represents the value of experience, the importance of taking the journey to begin with. Of walking all possible paths and taking everything that comes with it.

It also represents the capacity to construct from the deconstructed. To build from what has been torn apart. To stitch and sew experiences to create something whole.

Something that makes the path truly worthwhile.

© Hudson Biko



I see him.

Sitting by the roadside.

With his bottle of water

as it gets

hotter and hotter.

This is his brief

moment of relief.

A part of me wants to tell him it gets better .

A part of me isn’t sure if that’s true.


© Hudson Biko

Photograph: Sam Burriss



I never wanted it to be more than that.


But you

broke through

all of these barriers

like warriors

whose existence

was based on fighting resistance.


© Hudson Biko

via Daily Prompt: Resist