the idea.

of an ease.

in letting go.

the living.  

-the memory of feeling is so vivid.

© Hudson Biko


there are days

that begin

with clear skies

and lucid minds.

with a chance

at a new life.

how good is it.

the constant

inconsistent chance.

to begin

© Hudson Biko



the warmth

in the voice.

the ease

in the words.

the rare.

the things

too easy

to read too much into.

© Hudson Biko

Photo by Tanja Heffner


there are times

when i do not fear

the fall.

when i look at the streams

run down earth.

and think

of all the ways

their fall

helps the flowers


© Hudson Biko


it’s just past midday.

the adieu

in a milieu

of hues

linger in the orange.

the seas

of leaves

sit still

on the edges

of the branches.

there is a luminescence.

in the absence.

of the stress

to stay.

and it is so beautiful.

© Hudson Biko – Poem and Photograph