occasionally hurt hearts

give way to droll souls

in the hope that may

placate the pain we

maintain in veins

that slowly drains


( in the hope

that we may

heal )

© Hudson Biko

Photograph: Xavier Sotomayor

Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Droll (It’s been a while since I did one these, thought I’d give it a try today. 💞 )


Samuel Zeller.jpg

The numbers trickle

like rain

on window panes

On summer mornings


the disappearance

of tranquility

and rationality

In worlds moving

across computer screens

like words typed

at 200 over the limit

per minute

Opening scars

left unfilled

by likes

and open mics

On Sunday nights

in bars

that barred

the entrance

of those who had words

poured hard

out of mouths

that could

never control

their role

in societies

we called ourselves

Like words

that stood

dead wood


they controlled



© Hudson Biko

Photograph: Samuel Zeller


Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Meddle