The numbers trickle like rain on window panes On summer mornings mourning the disappearance of tranquility and rationality In worlds moving across computer screens like words typed at 200 over the limit per minute Opening scars left unfilled by likes and open mics On Sunday nights in bars that barred the entrance of those whoContinue reading “Meddle”


You feel it in the air sometimes lingering in its repetition In its own rendition of the sound made by swarms of bees Buzzing In hives that survive the strands of time In time Still stinging and ringing In metaphorical ears that even after all these years Still kinda sound the same Still kinda feel the sameContinue reading “Survive”


We watched as random turned into linear. As we realized that we could never loom together chemistry or see what loomed behind the walls and blinds that bound us together, As we realized that echoes and shadows are only reflections of ourselves : Shadows we tried to set light on. But reflections are reiterations that neverContinue reading “Collaboration”


It was an afternoon. As we found ourselves sitting in rooms silenced by those who seek sanity and their own silence , By those who seek more , Partially empty. devoid from voids of temporary interactions as silence gave in to bounds of sound as it began to feel like the seals were finally peeling offContinue reading “Sanity”