the pipes flowed

The pipes lied there perpetrating their emptiness in the presence of everything that didn’t flow through them As bouts of air flowed out into mouths waiting in an expectation that breaths would finally mean something That they wouldn’t feel that empty or filled with pity Of everything that was nothing But they did They feltContinue reading “the pipes flowed”


Staring at lines etched into black Like land mines stretched in to two stacks Holding Everything that’s missing As we watch gaps wrap around bounds Of everything we still held onto Because we’re too busy holding onto the two Things we watched go missing   © Hudson Biko Photograph by Nicole Mason  


Eyelids flicker like fireflies in the presence of darkness Eyes attached to lies perpetuated in the presence of disappearance Lids opening themselves to everything we wanted to be nothing As we realize that eyes and I’s Aren’t like fireflies flickering in the darkness They lie in the presence of disappearance opening themselves to everything   © HudsonContinue reading “Attached”