It was an afternoon. As we found ourselves sitting in rooms silenced by those who seek sanity and their own silence , By those who seek more , Partially empty. devoid from voids of temporary interactions as silence gave in to bounds of sound as it began to feel like the seals were finally peeling offContinue reading “Sanity”

the pipes flowed

The pipes lied there perpetrating their emptiness in the presence of everything that didn’t flow through them As bouts of air flowed out into mouths waiting in an expectation that breaths would finally mean something That they wouldn’t feel that empty or filled with pity Of everything that was nothing But they did They feltContinue reading “the pipes flowed”

I Started Learning How To Code, and Its Pretty Cool

Photograph: Artem Sapegin If you came to me seven months ago and told me that I would be learning how to code, I would have laughed at your face. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. I would have probably told you, “Yeah, maybe” – the reasons for that are a whole other essay. But the mainContinue reading “I Started Learning How To Code, and Its Pretty Cool”