I think we’re always looking for it.

Because we think

that if we find it

we give ourselves

the chance

of finding ourselves.

Because we think

that if we find it

we can finally create

our own peace

from the pieces

that fell apart


But we cant really find it,

it finds us.


© Hudson Biko

Photograph: Chen YiChun


We stood on top

of counter tops


To a backdrop

of pop

and hip hop

Before they came in


in backdrops of silence

As if we were

some sort of science

they had a licence

to take apart.

As if we

we needed

to stay

in their silence


When that’s all we


danced away from


in backdrops

of silence

and watching counter tops.

© Hudson Biko

Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Rhythmic


Benjamin Combs.jpg


I woke up to it


Threading itself

into threads

that barely held together


Staining the


that only stayed

because they


barely fade away


Infringing itself

on the fringes

because they

could barely hold themselves together


Because I could barely hold myself together.


© Hudson Biko

Photograph: Benjamin Combs

This Is Your Life: Live It At Your Own Pace

Tierra Benton

The clock tick-tocks in backdrops we call time. Each hands’ progression emphasizing the consummation of seconds, minutes or hours. Hours that turn into days, days into months, months into years and years into lifetimes. Lifetimes that eventually follow an infinity of other lifetimes before us.

And a part of us fears that. A part of us fears that we’re going to be haunted by the minutes and the hours we don’t truly maximize. A part of us fears that we’re going to look back at our own lifetimes and think about the infinity of possibilities we missed out on.

And it’s okay to feel like that. It fuels our own hungers and our own passions.

But sometimes that fear morphs into structure. The kind of structure that has the capacity to desolate and rather than determine. The kind of structure that imposes inadequacy rather belief. The kind of structure based on pre-conceived timelines.

Timelines consciously or subconsciously ingrained in our minds across our early existence. Whether it was college graduation by 23. Getting married by your 30s. Or retirement by 65. There was always something that should have been done by a certain age or by a certain time.

And if we don’t, we start existing in a vicious cycle of unaccomplishment. We start questioning why we aren’t where we were meant to be. We start comparing our timelines to other people’s timelines.

But your lifetime is infinitely unique to an infinity of other lifetimes. There is no way your journey will mimic the journey of others. Because like a myriad of other paths, yours is endowed with its own exclusivity. With its own rocks, pebbles and potholes that are central to its individuality.

And in spite of all of life’s complexities and intricacies, you aren’t meant to be anywhere.

There are no deadlines or regulations. At this very moment, you are formulating and experiencing your own distinct journey. A journey that isn’t regulated or paralleled by pre-conceived expectations but by your own doing. Exactly when you need to.

© Hudson Biko

Photograph: Tierra Benton

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like pupils in rooms








they called eyelashes





Prepared to burn

in sojourns


they were extinguished.


Living those matches

burned and converged

in its remains

  • calling it ashes.


© Hudson Biko


via Daily Prompt: Criticize