amongst stories

of dark worlds.

and fallen angels.

and scars. that never heal.

there are shades

of light. and stars

shining bright.

waiting for you

to come home

© Hudson Biko







it was 3 am.

some sampha was playing.


the earth was still.


the rain was dim.


every so often

there was nothing that mattered

as much


letting it fall


© Hudson Biko

Photograph by Sarah Diniz Outeiro



it was one of those days

that began with the drizzle

of the sky

half past

the turn of the morning.

with clocks that run.

and soles that chase.

and days that stop.

and souls that ask

what are we running to


© Hudson Biko

Photograph by Jack Finnigan

bleeding (a collaboration)

written with the wondrous Nandita (in italics). an incredible pleasure to have her on this. 


there are nights

filled with crescent

moons that cut

at the tips

of stubborn hearts.

with stars

that dim

and veins

that pour

on sheets

of skies.

and angels

that cry.

and goodbyes

that linger.

and on such nights

of heartbeats sullen

from remembering 

waned dreams,

breaths reek

of nostalgia 

piercing through 

pallid veins

to burst open

tears of poetry 

waxes paths 

dimly illuminated 

by fallen stars 

and some 

still silent scars 

© Hudson Biko and Nandita



the puddles are scattered

across the indentations

of tatters

of leaves

and tress

that became seas

of mornings

that linger

on windows

and shadows

that stay.


there are times

when we open 

the curtains.

and it is us.


© Hudson Biko

Photograph by Aaron Burden