stained chalk.

a heart held



of its chest.

you know the feeling

when it feels

as though

you can’t be saved

© Hudson Biko


there are days

when the shine

of the sun

will ring

in the sills

of the windows

after the pour

of the sky.


and there are days

when the breeze

of the wind

will birth

the oceans

of the earth

to the sea

of the moon.


and there are days

that will be still.


and gone.

all at once.


© Hudson Biko



there is an ease

in the way

the words

fall of the lips.

in the way

the ears

catch the curves

of the laughter.

in the way

the goodbyes

feel less

like goodbyes.

in the way

the heart becomes

still again.


© Hudson Biko

Photograph by Kari Shea



this is it

isn’t it

the wind

howling into the opening

of the windows

on an afternoon

when the monsoons

of rainfall

fall onto pillows

hanging below zero

as we wait for the freezing

to begin

as we wait for the floods

to settle.

at least once

© Hudson Biko

Photograph by Hailey Kean




when the sun

swivels into marvels

of a sky

painted by the late afternoon

we say goodbyes

to days

set ablaze

by the haze

of places

set in tables

served by a distinct

longing for the satisfaction

in better tomorrows.

longing to be filled.

© Hudson Biko

Photograph by Alexander Andrews