there are days

that begin

with clear skies

and lucid minds.

with a chance

at a new life.

how good is it.

the constant

inconsistent chance.

to begin

© Hudson Biko


adrian-swancar-1154864-unsplash.jpg puddles of acquiescence 

are warm on days

when the air is bleak

the fingers are meek

and the soul is shivering.

when the veins

pop from skin

in luminescent green

and the lack of the serene

is everywhere.

when this life

 is lived

for sole purpose

of being lived.

© Hudson Biko

Photograph by Adrian Swancar


there are times

when i do not fear

the fall.

when i look at the streams

run down earth.

and think

of all the ways

their fall

helps the flowers


© Hudson Biko



in the bedlam

of days

there are times

when the haze

of yesterdays

will come in

and play.

and there are times

when the decay

of the better times

will come in and stay.

and we will


in the only


we know how

to ask

for a way

to make the less. less.

© Hudson Biko

Photograph by Lydz Leow

grey revisited


is there anything

that lasts

as much

as the feeling

that nothing

ever will

© Hudson Biko

Photograph by Velizar Ivanov