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the rain falls in splashes and splatters to tatters of trees and seas of leaves fallen in agos long gone.   and every so often the forming leaves glimmering in afternoon dew catch onto a few at their tips and hold on for as long as the song of the birds will go. but once. …


it was an afternoon. the time was half past two and the sun rolled down the ocean. kissing it slightly. its reflection caught across ripples that made their way across to shore. we spoke. in between. few and far. there were these absolute moments of silence. we bowed. cups of tea. slowly brewed. sipping. the …


there is this this idea that you must fall to rise. wilter to bloom. that you are strong because of your pain. that your strength is not yours.   – let it go © Hudson Biko




Launched 17 January 2017, Pieced By HB is a space dedicated to the expression of the thoughts, emotions and ideas  that are always echoing in the echelons we call minds.



  • “assemble something from individual parts.”
  • “a thing considered as … an element of a larger thing”

When I began this blog in late January,  it was always with the idea that it would evolve and grow – just as I do.

During its first week, I published two essays. There was no poetry. There were no musings. It was just this one thing that I was going to do every other week – until I figured out what would come next.

Over time, all those things have not only become a part of this platform but the person I am today – even though I never really saw it coming.

And in it’s own way, I really enjoy that. I think that it’s part and parcel of our own metamorphosis to challenge the bounds of what we think possible. To piece all these smaller parts of ourselves into something greater.

And in many ways, that’s exactly what I want this platform to represent. Parts pieced together to form something that’s trying to form itself.

Thank you for being here.





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