the rain falls in

splashes and splatters

to tatters

of trees

and seas

of leaves

fallen in agos

long gone.


and every so often

the forming leaves

glimmering in afternoon dew

catch onto a few

at their tips

and hold on

for as long

as the song

of the birds

will go.

but once.

or twice.

there are one.

or two.

that brush

against the rush

of the fall.

and just stay.


© Hudson Biko

Photograph by Alessio Lin



it was an afternoon. the time was half past two and the sun rolled down the ocean. kissing it slightly. its reflection caught across ripples that made their way across to shore. we spoke.

in between. few and far. there were these absolute moments of silence. we bowed. cups of tea. slowly brewed. sipping.

the tides were slow. the sand was warm. the leaves flew in an ease. the breeze was soft.

i think those were the best moments. when it felt as though the oceans were right there. next to me.

© Hudson Biko


there is this this idea

that you must fall

to rise.


to bloom.

that you are strong

because of your pain.

that your strength

is not yours.


– let it go

© Hudson Biko


drink it in.

the sweetness

of the lemons.

the bitterness

of the honey.

the small

in the large.


© Hudson Biko