Stijn Swinnen.jpg

Maybe we tell

ourselves we’re

letting go

So the fibres

on the ropes

burn a little less

And maybe sometimes

they do

But the scars stay



© Hudson Biko

Photograph: Stijn Swinnen

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82 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. wonderful poetry. In some cases, it is surely better to let go but for the person, who still love, it is always hard. I´m just through letting go, and hope that god send me my big love to stay forever.

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  2. The scars heal, they do….I hope. No, I know. It is just hard to remember when the wounds are still fresh, and the pain overrides the memory possibility that you will feel whole again. You will. We will. A stronger, more beautiful version meant for someone who we won’t have to let go…
    Beautifully written.

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      1. I think this “letting go” is very diffficult to rate. So I try to explain my thoughts. If you are following your dreams, you have to “letting go” often. This can hurt but is necessairy. On the other side, you never know, if the doors to your dreams are closed or your dreams are “letting you go”. But you have to go on, even if it hurts sometimes, this is right.

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