I watch days dissipate

from maelstroms of insouciant realities

as hours turn into days

and those into months

of falling leaves

from autumn trees

that give way

to years

and those to lifetimes

diluted into an infinity of others that existed before us

As I stay silent in these corrugated lines

living in this paradox of mobility and immobility

that feel like days

stuck in cassettes

re-winded and played again

Before brief moments

of sanity

and clarity

emerge to play out to a microcosm

of a living universe

And maybe that’s what freedom

ever really is

Being able to feel existent

amongst eternities of madness


© Hudson Biko

Photography by Luke Besley

1 thought on “freedom.”

  1. These are interesting, deep thoughts on freedom. Oppressive but not alien to feel existent amongst eternity of madness. I think freedom has no definition. It is a feeling and this feeling must be the most beautiful feeling besides love. And it is a right of every human being. Just as love should be a right aswell.


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